The Vesper/German Empire Wiki

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Berlin is the capital city of Germany. It is also where the Vespers main Head Quarters is located.

The Vespers main HQ is a huge base and it is in a man made mountain range about as big as the Jungfrau-Aletsch in Switzerland. It uses the entire mountain range and about 1 mile underground. It is impossible for an enemy to infiltrate or destroy this base. It also has over 1 trillion prisoner cells, making it the biggest prison the Vespers have currently. It is also where Hydra is located. Germany has captured more than any empire ever in two years on it's own. Berlin is the capital.


April 14, 2013: Amy and Dan Cahill arrive at Berlin... Waiting in cell until Vesper One gets back from Russia.

April 18, 2013: Alexandra Udinov orders Amy and Dan Cahill to stay in prison until Vesper One is ready to punish the Cahills.