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Biographical information
Status Alive
Physical description
Gender Male
Description Vesper
Other information
Functions Vesper Three
Allies Albertobs1999



Lucianvesper09 (a.k.a Blake Normsroom) is Vesper Three. He was also an ex-KGB spy and a good tennis player. He drank the Lucian serum, but he is nothing compared to the power Vesper One (Nilem12).


Lucianvesper09 was born to a Lucian mother and Vesper father. He was raised by his uncle, The Black Vesper. He was taught to hate Cahills and think of them as moldy cheese on the street just to be thrown out. He became a KGB spy at age 11, when he broke in to a police department. He joined the Vespers at age 13. Then a day after his 14th birthday (March 13th, 1999), he resigned because he couldn't be a friend with a Cahill (Who became a Vesper later). Then a week later he rejoined and became Vesper Six. I became Vesper Three when Albertobs1999 became Vesper Six. Then he made Medusa. A couple of days after he found Medusa, he resigned from the KGB to serve Nilem12 (Vesper One). He is currently traveling to do research on science to do experiments to help defeat/spy on the Cahills. He knows English, French, Spanish, German, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Greek, Japanese, Hindi, and Swedish fluently. He is currently learning Italian.