The Vesper/German Empire Wiki


2013-04-15: Stronghold continues its reno. Peacekeepers move in and start a similar crackdown like in Warsaw

2013-04-17: Stronghold finishes its reno with a total of 134,492,250 rooms. It is made with a underground train line to the Vesper stronghold in Hong Kong.

2013-04-19: Beijing makes a move to steal Janus archives about Puyi.

2013-04-21: Documents on Puyi successfully stolen. Beijing sends an expedition to Mount Everest.

2013-04-22: Beijing commences transferring secret documents to Rio de Janiero.

2013-04-23: The Medusa wing in Beijing moves to Rio de Janeiro.

Rio de Janeiro[]


2013-04-17: Stronghold reno starts.

2013-04-18: Stronghold reno ends.

2013-04-19: Received secret info from Beijing.

2013-04-21: Rio de Janeiro makes move to destroy Amy and Dan's "command center". Lawrence McYodra is put in charge of the Rio de Janeiro headquarters, because of Bellatrix Valorom's sudden leave to Berlin for unknown reasons.

2013-04-22: Rio de Janeiro receives top secret documents from Warsaw.

2013-04-23: Received 1000 Medusa agents.

2013-05-07: Medusa starts its move into Division.